Searching for the best knife or gun cleaning kit? The Sentry Gear Care Kit is for you.

Posted by Clint Thompson - Warriors & Sheepdogs on 27th Mar 2018

Searching for the best knife or gun cleaning kit? The Sentry Gear Care Kit is for you.

Being a law enforcement officer on three continents with a total of some 45 years, I have learned to appreciate products which help me keep my professional tools clean and working at the levels needed to keep me safe on the job. In this time period I have identified many products which meet my high standards.

In the case of keeping my firearms and knives clean and ready for duty, I have found around ten products which do the job. But keeping around ten kinds of lubricants is not practical. So I have reduced the field down to just one product line. This product is Sentry Solutions. For years I have been using Sentry lubricants on my firearms and knives. I have used their field sharpening tools as well. I have found their products to be professional and dependable.

While in the field, I take my Sentry Gear Care Kit along to service and protect my firearms which are expensive. When I say expensive I mean to include a $200 pistol or revolver. Because $200 is a considerable amount of money to anyone who has to work hard for their money. I appreciate the Sentry Gear Care Kit because it has the non-oil lubricant I prefer as it performs well in adverse weather. While in Iraq as an International Police Adviser, I took my Sentry lubricant to keep my tactical folding knife, semi-auto 9mm and M4 clean and ready to spit out dirt-nap pills. At one time in Tikrit at FOB Danger, the temperature reached 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Being out in the sun the Tuf-Glide I had applied was not thinning and running out and off my M4. Other oils did.

Once I return from the field or extended duty, I breakdown my firearms and properly clean with brush, patch, rods and wipe down with the Sentry Tuf-Cloth. I like to use the Armorer’s Kit along with my rods and patches. The Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide has and will stop rust and presents a micro-bonded shield. While in Kosovo as a UN police officer where it rained considerably, the water just ran off of my M9 because I used the Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide to protect this semi-auto pistol.

I found using the Tuf-Cloth was lint-free and simple to a quick way to wipe down your wet or damp firearm and or knife. Once I wiped the firearm or knife with this amazing cloth, I noticed the Iraqi dust did not collect on the weapon as it would on weapons which were wiped down with regular gun oil or other inferior products. I really like the Tuf-Cloth and feel it is a perfect partner for the Tuf-Glide. Both amazing products.

I can attest (from someone who’s ass was in the grass (and desert), and where flying metal was a day and night occurrence) you have to have quality dependable weapons and tools and high quality maintenance products like the Sentry Live to Protect products.

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