1082 Micro MOLLE Mount

SENTRY's 1082 Micro MOLLE Mount technology is the most

innovative equipment mounting system on the market offering 5 times more mounting options than old school MOLLE systems. Constructed of an advanced hydrophobic 1500 denier laminate, our patented technology allows us to create stronger gear with less weight and bulk all while maintaining a low profile for increased mobility. At SENTRY, We Live to Protect.

SENTRY's 1082 Micro MOLLE Mount

Traditional Old School MOLLE

SENTRY's Patented Micro MOLLE Mount technology comes with a host of features and benefits making it the most customizable mounting platform  on the market. While traditional old school MOLLE only allows adjustments to be made in 2 inch horizontal increments, SENTRY's MICRO MOLLE MOUNT pattern has reduced those adjustments to .75" horizontal and .5" vertical increments. Gear is placed where you want it, not just where there's a spot for it. These smaller adjustment patterns open up huge possibilities for customizing your setup making you more efficient with greater comfort.



By using 1500 denier laminate and getting rid of traditional webbing, we have reduced the overall weight and footprint of our plate carriers, belts, and accessories to create a highly slim, light, and ergonomic setup.

To keep our plate carrier low profile with less stitching, our design integrates the shoulder straps into the front and back panels as a single cut of fabric. By reducing stitching points (the weakest link in any sewn peice), we've created a piece that's cleaner, more ergonomic, and stronger. 

Mobility is critical when performing tactical operations which is why we made it an essential part of our design. To compliment our plate carriers we make 3 styles of cummerbunds each with elastic bands that allow the plate carrier to move with you so you're not restricted. The cummerbunds attach with hook and loop for easy adjustment and fast removal. An optional Cobra Buckle is available for even faster donning and doffing.



V1 Our original patented design. Diagonal mounting array allows you to mount your gear at an angle so your gear is easier to access in the field. Diagonal Modular Array pattern on the outside, with vertical Modular Array on the inside so you can simultaneously place internal side plates or a radio pouch with additional pouches on the outside. Includes elastic band to allow your plate carrier to move freely as you move and pull chord for rapid removal.


V2 For those who wish to mount their gear vertically only. Vertical Modular Array on inside and out for internal or external mounting of side plates. Includes elastic band to allow your plate carrier to move freely and pull chord for rapid removal.


V3 The most advanced Cummerbund we offer. Vertical Modular Array on inside and out. Cobra Buckle included on on cummerbund panel for easy rapid plate carrier donning and doffing. Elastic bands allow for freedom of movement and pull chord adds to the convenience of fitting and removal of your SENTRY plate carrier.




SENTRY's 1082 pouches come standard with integrated MOLLE straps built right into the back. 

Additionally, the pouches can be mounted to our GUNNAR Assault Belt in any of the three options of the 1082 Variable Mounting System. 


1.Horizontal Belt Mount 

2. Vertical Belt Mount
3. Integrated MOLLE straps (Pouches, Belt and Plate Carrier are compatible with traditional MOLLE, PALS & Alice clips)

The integrated laser cut MOLLE straps are easier to weave than traditional MOLLE straps because of their flexibility and the patented design of the 1082 weave system which integrates arched top and bottom edges to allow easier access for the straps. Laser cut 1082 MOLLE straps are designed with edges that lock securely into the pouch as well as optional zip tie holes for an even more secure lock down. 

1082 straps include holes for zip ties for additional security if needed



SENTRY's hydrophobic laminate sheds water and prevents saturation which is great for water based operations and even rainy weather. This keeps your rig from getting bogged down with excess water weight.