SENTRY Solutions Tuf-Glide™ CDLP 0.25oz Pen Applicator

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The Tuf-Glide™ CDLP (Cleaner, Dry-Lubricant, Protectant) Pen Applicator is ideal for quick maintenance at home or in the field. The proven all in one formula allows for a quicker clean, lubrication, and corrosion protection. By simply replacing harsh solvents, patches, and wet, tacky oils with our dry, oil-free, CDLPs and lubricants that bond to the surface - guns and gear operate better. SENTRY Solutions products provide a micro bonding shield making metals non-stick, leaving a protected surface that does not attract and hold debris. Performance, reliability, and accuracy are enhanced; cleaning becomes as simple as brushing off and re-lubing. Sentry Solutions will not thicken in the cold or thin out in extreme heat, providing unsurpassed protection in even the harshest environments. You will find that even after thousands of rounds, guns look like they haven’t been fired and residue is just wiped away.

Specifications / Features: 

• Dry lubricant does not attract dirt, dust, and debris
• Great for all conditions, metals, and finishes, safe for wood and plastics
• Slick action in any temperature – won’t thicken from cold or thin out from heat
• Keeps guns and gear clean, operating smoother, and lasting longer
• Prevents fingerprints, tarnishing, and dulling
• Displaces moisture
• Micro-bonding shield inhibits rust
• 7ML / 0.25oz Pen Applicator



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    Select lubricator

    Posted by Thomas on 5th Dec 2022

    Good for the hard spots

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    Sentry Cloth

    Posted by Sarge on 9th Feb 2022

    I’ve been using these forever to wipe down my carry gun daily, for years. They’re not as greasy as silicone rags and seem to do the job. Whatever the chemical composition it works well for my intended purposes,