Sentry Hexmag AR-15 Magazine & Keymod Accessories Kit (10 rds)

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Do you have a stock AR15 with a KeyMod hand guard? Get this bundled kit of Hexmag accessories by SENTRY and make it awesome all while saving over $18!

*** PLEASE NOTE*** State / County / City laws and regulations regarding limited round capacity magazines continue to be implemented and/or changed on an ongoing basis. Because each of these State / County / City capacity laws can be written or interpreted differently, Hexmag has elected to permanently affix the baseplate on all limited capacity magazines. This includes the 10 and 15 round AR15 and 10 round SR25 magazines. The baseplate will be secured to the HexID restricting access to modifications and takedown. If you wish to use a custom color HexID on your limited capacity magazine, please make your color selections upon ordering. 

This bundled kit includes:

2- Black 10rd Hexmag Magazines

1- Black Hexmag Tactical Grip

1- Black 4PK Hexmag Keymod Rail Covers

2- Gray Hexmag Grip Tape


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All Hexmag products are Made in the U.S.A. by SENTRY